Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Let all mortal flesh keep silent

Let all Mortal Flesh keep Silence: Ps. 96:9; Habakkuk 2:20 Let all Mortal Flesh keep Silence starts the text of the Cherubic hymn, part of the oldest liturgy of the church of Jerusalem by it’s first leader-Bishop; James the Just - who in this is called the “brother of God.”. The approx.time first done could of possibly been close to the writing of Romans or just after 100AD. The hymn symbolically incorporates those present, at this public worship, into the presence of the angels gathered around God's throne. Harmonized to the French folk tune Picardy (1906)                                                                                                                     Harkins 06-10
1st verse:; single chords 
Cm                                 Bb               Abmaj7                                 Gsus G7
Let all mortal flesh keep silence__and with fear and trembling stand__
Cm Bb Abmaj7 Gsus
ponder nothing earthly minded__for with blessing in his hand__
Cm Bb2 Ab Gsus Fm7 Bb Cm
Christ our God to Earth__de-sce-nd--eth___ our full homage to de-mand__

Verse 2: some more ind. notes
Cm                                      Bb        Gm/Abmaj7               Gsus 7
King of kings yet born of Mary__ As of old on Earth he stood__
Cm Gm7 Abmaj7 Gsus G7
Lord of Lords in human vesture__ In the body and the blood__
Cm Bb Abmaj7 Gsus Fm Bb Cm
He will give to all the faith-------ful____His own sheep their heavenly food...

Verse 3: modulate high notes to low
Cm                                  Gm / Bb         Fm/Abmaj7                      Gsus-G7
Rank on rank the hosts of heaven__Spreads its vanguard on the way__
Cm Gm7 Fm7/Ab Gsus G
As the light of light descendeth__from the realms of endless day.__
Cm Bb Abmaj7 Gsus Abmaj7 Bb Cm
That the powers of sheol may va-------nish ___ as the darkness clears away__

Verse 4: solo upper register Ab to Cm then going lower start playing below middle c and moving up the scale.
Cm                                       Bb2         Abmaj7                          Gsus  G7
At his feet the six wing-ed seraph__Cherubim with sleepless eye__
Cm Gm7 Abmaj7 Gsus G7
Veil their faces to his presence__as with ceaseless voice they cry__
Cm Fm7 Cm/Ab Bb2
Al-le-lu-ia -- Al---le----lu----------ia__
Fm7 Ab Bb Cm
Al-le-lu-ia___ Lord most high
Cm  Cm/Bb  Cm/Ab  Cm/Gsus   Ab  Bb  Ab  Bb  Fm  Ab  Gsus  Cm

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